We have extensive experience in dispute settlement
The scope of contractual disputes resolution we cover...

Dispute resolution

Dispute resolution

Lawyers Bulgaria attorneys and solicitors have expertise in a wide range of substantive areas including enforcement, commercial disputes, intellectual property and arbitration in civil/common law. We analyse each case from the outset using strategically case assessment to give a clear picture of its merits and cost effective options.We then prepare all the evidence and attend at the hearings as the case progresses pursuant to a strategy dictated by the client’s objectives. We work with our clients to achieve creative and commercial solutions.

We work to help our clients resolve disputes efficiently and effectively – whether through arbitration, litigation or other techniques, in a manner that promotes their business objectives. We also work with clients to minimise future litigation risks.

The scope of contractual disputes resolution we cover:

  • real estate disputes
  • employment disputes
  • shareholders and partnership disputes
  • professional negligence
  • company insolvency
  • personal injuries due to road accidents disputes

Many professionals prefer to to benefit of alternative dispute resolution like mediation or arbitration in order to avoid dispute before litigation or court trial, as it is often considered to be an expensive and time-consuming process, especially in Bulgaria.

Laywer Bulgaria handle mediations, settlement conferences, binding and non-binding arbitrations. Laywer Bulgaria litigation layers offers a pragmatic approach to getting all parties to reach agreement in the mediation process , as well as thoughtful and prompt decisions in the arbitration proceedings.

Our company can address disputes of  every type. These include a broad range of business and commercial disputes. Other areas include disputes concerning construction, employment, professional liability and many other matters.