Real estate transaction representaion
We have been representing buyers, sellers, lessors, lessees, and lenders...

Transaction representations

Transaction representations

We have been representing buyers, sellers, lessors, lessees, and lenders in commercial and individual real estate transactions on the Bulgarian property market for quite a long time. We are committed to providing high quality, accessible legal representation calculated to promote efficient, predictable real estate transactions with no surprises.To schedule a free consultation about your purchase or sale, zoning and planning, or real estate financing issue anywhere on the territory of Bulgaria, contact our legal office.

We represent clients in a wide variety of real estate transactions:

  • Real estate property purchase and sale in Bulgaria
  • Bulgarian real estate closings for purchasers, sellers, and lenders
  • Construction- and asset-based financing control in Bulgaria
  • Mortgage and title issues, including marketability and easements or other land encumbrances on the Bulgarian properties, subject of transaction
  • Negotiation, drafting, and review of Bulgarian commercial leases
  • Zoning and planning for both Bulgarian residential and commercial properties

Purchase Evaluation and Real Estate Law Advice from Start to the final stage of contract conclusion

Clients who purchase Bulgarian real estate property for the first time do not feel comfortable that they know the right questions to ask when evaluating a Bulgarian real estate property. We provide deep of knowledge professional advice on specific customer requirements and property characteristic in order to meet customer expectations

We counsel on the type of title insurance to purchase, and we encourage property inspections that may uncover hidden defects. We help our clients evaluate other options, such as purchasing a property with appliances or other items sellers wish to include in order to raise or lower the price. We hold discussions with our clients to help them decide if they wish to purchase a townhouse or condominium where maintenance is included in the homeowner association fees, or if they would prefer to maintain their home and land on their own.