Bulgaria car registration
Register your car in Bulgaria change the number plates with a local one and pay less taxes.

Bulgaria car registration

Have  ever thought what could be the benefit of registering a car or motor vehicle in Bulgaria Benefits are grate.

Have a read the article below and you will understand:

  1. In Bulgaria there is no road taxes ,you just pay municipality tax on car address of registration. That depends of power of the car engine and will vary between 50 leva to150 leva per year.
  1. MOT- Technical assessment per year is way cheaper then in other EU countries and Greece .That will cost you about 35 leva per year and you can do that in any licensed garage in Bulgaria
  1. To drive the car on public roads the government charge a stickers which could be for one year ,six months ,one month ,one week. Price for a cars of sticker for one year is about 67 leva  Those stickers are obligatory just if you drive the car in Bulgaria if you drive else where it is not. But it is recommended to have one.
  1. Third party car insurances in Bulgaria  are as well way cheaper then in other EU countries and Greece. Normaly car insurance is between 120 leva to 240 leva per year and depends of the engine  power of the car. Bulgarian car insurance are fully valid all over the Europe and outside of Europe. They cover all damages and liabilities caused to a tird party . Important that you have to know is that the insurance in Bulgaria is made on the car ,not on the person name .That means any person who drives the car is covered for the damages caused to the third party due to road accident

Owners of vehicles in the municipality to declare permanent address, office held by their vehicles within two months of their acquisition. For cars City Council determines the amount of tax according to engine power, adjusted by a factor depending on the year of manufacture as follows:
1. to 37 kw, including 0.34 to 1.02 Lv. per 1 kw;
2. over 37 kw to 55 kw, including from 0.40 to 1.20 Lv per 1 kw;
3. 55 kw to 74 kw, including from 0.54 to 1.62 Lv per 1 kw;
4. 74 kw to 110 kw, including from 1.10 to 3.30 Lv euro per 1 kw;
5. over 110 kw from 1.23 to 3.69 Lv per 1 kw.

Number of years from year of production, including the year of production rate
Over 14 years 1
Over 5 to 14 years including 1.5
Up to 5 years, including 2.8 2.8

So if you buy and register a car in Bulgaria you can save a lot of money and drive it absolutely legally in any European country including Greece .No one could ask you why the car got Bulgarian registration plates .The reason is Bulgaria is a full member of EU there are international treaties regarding the car transport and insurances.

To enjoy those benefits you will need to have a permanent residency in Bulgaria or if you don’t reside in Bulgaria  you can establish a bulgarian company  which will possess the car Any company registered in Bulgaria is considered a Bulgarian local person.As I explained above Bulgarian insurance apply to the car and respectively any person who drives is covered including owner of the Bulgarian company . So do consider your situation and come and register a Bulgarian company then buy your Bulgarian car and drive it in Greece You don’t even need to come by your car regularly in Bulgaria ,only for technical examination and insurance ones per year ,all the other time you can spend in Greece.

How much will cost you the benefit of having a car and Bulgarian company

We at Lawyers Bulgaria are always fair and cost efficient to our customers .Establishing a Bulgarian company will cost you just 430 euros for a limited liability company including all incorporation fees and charges.You don’t need to trade actively with your Bulgarian company .You don’t need to pay a bulgarian company taxes .Company need to be registered and after that stated non active to the tax office

Registering the car in Bulgaria will cost you 150 euros and will be made entirely  from workers of Lawyers Bulgaria

An ordinance of the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Bulgaria defines procedures for registration of motor vehicles owned by the Bulgarian natural and legal persons/Registered Bulgarian companies/.This Ordinance shall apply to EU citizens and their family members, citizens of States Parties to the Agreement on the European Economic Area and Switzerland citizens holding Bulgarian permanent residence certificate or a certificate of permanent residence. The vehicle is registered within 14 days of acquiring ownership or form of imports. Upon initial registration of vehicles imported from countries outside the EU, VAT is paid. Vehicles that are first registered in a country member of the EU are not subject to VAT.

Price are in Bulgarian leva

Depending on the year of production, value is multiplied by the following ratio:

For vehicles with an engine power to 74 kw including,equipped with catalytic active devices, the tax is paid at 50% discount.

Vehicles tax shall be paid in two equal installments within the following deadlines: 1 March to 30 June and 30 October of the year for which it is due. Those paid from 1 March to 30 April in the year is a discount of 5%. For vehicles acquiredand registered to move to the current year, the tax paid within two months from the date of acquisition, or the registration oftheir movements, amounting to one twelfth of the annual taxfor each month until the end of the year including the month ofacquisition, respectively, to move their registration. Payment of local taxes is a condition for the regularity of the annual technical inspection of the vehicle.