Register a new Bulgarian company and get the benefits of lowest tax rate in Europe -10% flat corporate tax . Reduce your business cost compare to the other European Union member states.


Establish company in Bulgaria and get an advantage of the lowest tax rate in European Union –just 10% annual  flat rate on net company incomes. Relocating your business in Bulgaria offers wide range of cost saving options . Reduce your business risk  administrative cost and make a profit out of it by transferring and manage assets in Bulgaria  . The simplicity of the tax system in Bulgaria  makes calculations very easy further decreasing your administrative  ,employment  ,national insurance ,utilities and tax costs. All that combined with lower labor price , mounts up to significant cost savings. Statistics shows that our customers are reducing their administrative and tax expenses for a running and maintaining a business in Bulgaria  with nearly 30% on annual basis comparing to other countries in European Union.

The best form of doing business in Bulgaria are through  establishing Bulgarian limited liability company (LLC/ООД) or Sole owned limited liability company(SoLLC/ЕООД)

Lawyers Bulgaria incorporation package for a new established Bulgarian companies includes the following services:

  • Initial advising on company commercial structure
  • Drafting company incorporation contract , Company management contract.
  • We provide our office as a business address of the newly founded  Bulgarian companies
  • Opening company incorporation  bank account
  • Preparing and drafting  full set of company documents
  • Notary endorsement of company documents.
  • Submitting company documents to Bulgaria company registration agency.
  • Obtaining company good standing certificate/Prove the company is registered and  operating/
  • Arranging a company seal
  • Time line to establish company in Bulgaria is 7/seven/ days.

Additional services available if requested regarding Bulgaria company registration and maintenance:

  • Providing a company secretarial, mailing, and postal address.
  • Accounting ,bookkeeping and tax advise
  • Value added tax registration /VAT/
  • Submitting a tax report to the local tax office in Bulgaria
  • Opening a Bulgarian company bank accounts and transferring incorporation into business account
  • Opening a personal bank accounts in Bulgaria on behalf of manger/share holders
  • Legal advice on acquiring assets and real estates in Bulgaria
  • Registering an assets acquired in Bulgaria as real estates ,cars ,company shares and other
  • Obtaining a permanent residency in Bulgaria for a company manager and share holders
  • Obtaining a licenses and permits for specific business activities
  • Obtaining a trade marks and copy rights on the territory of Bulgaria
  • Representing a company under the contract or power of attorney to the Bulgaria state authorities
  • Representing a company under the contract or power of attorney to the Municipality authorities


1. Corporate tax – 10 % of the net profit per year;

2. Dividend tax 5% – only in case of real payment  of dividends;

3. VAT – 20%. The EU internal deliveries and the export are free of VAT;

4. 10% personal income tax.  The Dividends are free of tax after they being shared between the shareholders and after the 5% dividend tax is paid.

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